Welcome to JA Inspire Virtual

JA Inspire Virtual is a virtual career exploration platform and much more. It brings together the business community and local schools and is designed to help launch middle and high school students into their future—high school, postsecondary education, and careers beyond.

VFairs, the online interactive platform used to host the JA Inspire Virtual career exploration platform, allows students to explore the 16 career clusters, along with local businesses, colleges and trades exhibitor booths. Students are able to view on demand videos in the auditorium, Visit the Activity Lab to find more work and career readiness activities such as: What’s Work Like?, Plan Your Path, Work with Others and On the Job. Resources can also be saved to each students own virtual backpack.

Live event opportunities will be held multiple times throughout the school year and will allow students to interact with career speakers. Upcoming events will be shared with all registered participants and posted on the platform.

JA Inspire Virtual Educator Guides are provided to assist Educators in facilitating the JA Inspire Virtual experience.

The JA Inspire Virtual curriculum consists of three segments: (1) pre- career-oriented sessions; (2) the JA Inspire Virtual platform and; (3) a post-reflection.

Educators will provide students access to the MS or HS JA Inspire Virtual Student Guidebooks. All materials that students will need to complete the seven sessions are linked within the guidebook, including weblinks for resources, videos, and fillable PDF activity sheets.

In addition to the curriculum for JA Inspire Virtual, the guidebook includes information about the exhibitors, speakers, and on-demand videos that will be found on the virtual career exploration platform.

JA Inspire Virtual is a powerful way for students to learn about real-world career opportunities and their local economy.

"I learned about jobs I didn't know existed but I would like to pursue."

"I learned how to make a good first impression."

"I learned Manufacturing is not a bad industry."

"Being ready financially is just as important as being ready mentally, also there are a lot of programs to help with finances if needed."

"I learned what soft skills were; attitude, communication skills, problem solving skills, and being a team player."

"Some jobs I previously thought were in lower demand are actually in pretty high demand. The career I would like to pursue does not have much of a projected increase in demand therefore, I need to work even harder than before to get a job in the career I would like."

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Educators and Students:

To pre-register students, you can contact michele.merkel@ja.org or call 330.539.5268.
Part of the JA Inspire Virtual experience is preparing the students in advance. By registering for the program, you agree that:
  • Students will complete all pre career-oriented sessions; and post reflection.
  • Students will take time to explore the platform.
  • The activities have been developed for your students to complete independently, however, educators can provide support for students as needed.
Students will have the opportunity to visit local exhibitors and attend career speaker series featured in the auditorium. They can also create a virtual backpack to add PDF documents and links for videos that employers will offer at their booths. Once students have completed their exploration of the career fair, they can e-mail their backpack to themselves, an educator, or a parent/guardian.
First, check with your school’s technology department for any firewalls that may deny access for students or educators. If you have any other concerns, please contact michele.merkel@ja.org or by phone at 330.539.5268

For Sponsors and Exhibitors:

Many companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. The JA Inspire Virtual platform gives students an opportunity to explore careers they may not have considered previously. This helps our region grow our future workforce and to reduce or eliminate shortages.

Your sponsorship makes this program possible. Your support broadens the horizons of what’s possible for thousands of students across our region! You’re empowering them to dream bigger!

For additional information, please contact: michele.merkel@ja.org or 330.539.5268

For questions relating to JA Inspire access please contact Claire Aguilera at 954-979-7104 or Aimee at 954-979-7100

All students are registered through their schools and students will login to JA Inspire using their school email address i.e. 111111111@my.browardschools.com or the username provided by their teacher.